Height: 220 feet (?)

Mass: Not Available

Hovering Speed: Moderate Burrowing Speed: Moderate

Powers: - Electrical Blast: Negadon can fire a powerful electrical beam from the large spike on its underside. This beam can only be fired straight down. - Eletrical Beam: Negadon can fire a powerful electrical beam from each of its three arms. - Energy Tentacle: By opening up a section of its armor, Negadon can unleash an energy tentacle. - Energy Ball: By opening up a section of its armor and extending and opening an appendage from underneath, Negadon can fire a very powerful ball of energy. - Heat Up: Negadon can heat its body to very high temperatures. - Withdraw: Negadon can close itself up somewhat, allowing the thickest parts of its armor to take hits.

Weaknesses: None

First Appearance: Negadon: The Monster from Mars (2005)

Human Kills: Not Available Fight Record: Wins: 0, Losses: 1, Ties: 0

Home World: Mars Origin: Mars Type: Alien

History: In the year 2025, the earth’s population has risen to 10 billion. Nuclear weapons were being used to melt the polar ice caps of Mars in order to make the planet habitable. After one of the explosions, a strange rock was found. The rock was brought back to Earth for study. However, just before the transport ship Izanami entered the atmosphere, the beast within the rock awakened.

Quicky heating its body up to tremendous temperatures, the creature caused the Izanami to explode. The rock was sent crashing down into district 25 of Tokyo. Negadon rose out of the burning crater, and quickly went to work destroying everything that stood in its way. Man’s weapons were useless against the monster, until the Miroku 2 challenged it. Negadon fired its beam at the mech, only to have it sent back at it by the machine’s drill. The machine pressed its attack, but Negadon burrowed into the ground and emerged behind the mech. Another beam erupted forth from its clawed arm, this time finding its mark in the robot’s chest.

Miroku 2 would not be defeated so easily, however. Grabbing hold of Negadon with its claw, the machine took to the skies, dragging the beast behind it all the way into space. There, they each made their final, last-ditch efforts at victory. Negadon charged up a massive ball of energy, while the machine hurled itself at the monster. The energy met with the machine’s drill, but the machine proved the mightier. It forced its way through the attack and plunged its drill into the beast’s body. With one final cry, Negadon fell limp and exploded.