: 98 feet

Mass: 20,000 tons

Swimming Speed: Moderate

Powers: - Tentacles: Gezora has dozen of tentacles that he can use to ensnare foes or whip them to cause minimal damage. - Ink: Gezora can create a cloud of ink when in the water. - Low Temperature: Gezora's body is extremely cold, capable of freezing water and causing frost bite like injuries.

Weaknesses: Gezora's flesh is extremely weak against heat and fire, simply gasoline fires is enough to kill it. Supersonic waves can also weaken it greatly.

Weaknesses: None

First Appearance: Space Amoeba (1970)

Human Kills: Not Available Fight Record: None

Home World: Earth Origin: Selgio Island Type: Mutant

History: After the 'Space Amoeba' hitched a ride on an unman space probe, and crash landed near a small island, the virus infested and mutated a common squid. The tentacled fiend lurked the waters around the island, snatching up a man and causing a fuss in just a single day.

The monster resurfaced days later, claiming another victim at a small hut before returning to the sea once more after being scared away by the sounds of bats that its attack awoken. The local village believed the massive squid to be an angry God, and as a group of divers examined the crashed space probe, the monster showed itself once again. The squid gripped the divers in his tentacles, but when a group of dolphins swam by, the supersonic like sonar the aquatic creatures are equipped with disoriented the creature, allowing the divers to escape.

Enraged, Gezora waded onto the sandy shores of the island, ready to strike the small village of the island. The squid entered the rural village, the huts being crushed under its long tentacles. The monster gripped villagers with its tentacles and tossed them to the side as if rag dolls, and continued on its rampage. As it continued into the village, one of its tentacles touched the village fire, showing that the creature can easily be burned. The monster, after destroying the village completely, it began to return to the sea.

The monster was lured into the trap via riffle shots, and as it waded through the jungles, gasoline was poured around the area. As Gezora chased the remaining people, the gasoline was ignited. Gezora shrieked in pain as the inferno burned its body, and it once again retreated back to the sea, but the death blow had been delivered. The creature collapsed under its own weight, and as it drifted to the bottom of the sea floor, the alien virus that infested it left it in search for a new host.