Height: Not Available Length: Not Available Mass: Not Available

Powers: - Extraordinary Jumper: Clover can jump extremely high into the air, far enough to catch objects high above most buildings.

Weaknesses: None

First Appearance: Cloverfield (2008)

Human Kills: Not Available Fight Record: None

Home World: Earth Origin: Ocean Type: Unknown

History: Possibly a mutant or a man-made monstrosity, Clover rose from the murky depths and attacked New York City with relentless hate. Smashing its way through the man-made kingdom, the creature fed on those that tried to escape its hungry maw. It didn't take the United States military long to assault the gigantic monster, but nothing seemed to harm it. Bullets did nothing but cause it aggravation and missiles merely annoyed it into a state of total rage. Soon the entire city was turned upside down by the monster's hands, and the Hammer Down protocol was initiated. As the monster walked freely in central park, one final assault was brought down on its head. The city was completely destroyed now, and if the strange monster survived remains a mystery.